Some Tips And Tricks To Follow When Playing Poker Online

218318201347174Poker Online is one of the most sought out games on the internet that is played by thousands of gamers worldwide. Earlier, one had to travel to outside clubs and casinos to play this game, but now they can play the game easily online without leaving the comfort of his/her home. The poker games are created using advanced technology where gamers can have a realistic feel of playing poker. There are sites that provide 3D poker games to lure in customers. These games are so realistic that the user will not be able to feel the difference at all. The online sites provide a wide array of other games in addition to poker and they include roulette, black jack, backgammon, and more.

First time users always find it difficult to win games at ease since they do not have enough practice. Understanding poker is not a herculean task as one may think as there are many sites that offer tips and tricks on how to win poker games. If you want to win poker online, you must first understand in-depth about the rules of the game. You need to follow a certain strategy if you want to win the game easily. There are many people who excel in this game and you need to get ideas from them if you want to win on a regular basis. Poker, being one of the best card games in the world is played by millions every day. There are many sites that provide excellent rewards and discounts for those who play online. Some sites also provide free bonus for those who are becoming a member.

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Novice members must understand that winning and losing are part of the game and hence they should not be disappointed if they are not able to win. You can learn from your mistakes and try to predict your opponent’s move, which is something that you must practice. You can read many blogs and get ideas as to how to predict the moves, which will give you better chances of winning the game. Poker online Indonesia sites offer some of the best games in 3D and virtual settings. This ensures a wonderful gaming experience for the user as he/she can play in a realistic environment. Choosing the best gaming site will offer the best experience in your life and hence you must Bgselalu never ignore this fact.

English and Chinese bitcoin Casino Version Has Been Launched

bitcoinbetCompany incorporated became the first fully licensed under English and Chinese-language world bitcoin casino and sports paris site, according to its founders. The platform, which operates under a license from Irish paris, allows people to interactive casino games and paris on sports with Bitcoin. Winnings are paid only in Bitcoin. agen poker

John Flynn, director of the sports that games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat can be played on any browser, level the ground over Rogue game players can take over, not by using third add-on software. “We will also add other cryptocurrencies the Ripple network platform in 2015, which help us to our customers.”

He said the platform which was built by Soft Casino Online Swiss has already been acquired by catering for all types of players who wager at least bitcoin quantities or go all-in for thousands of players notions Chinese and English “high limit -roller game.”
Since it was introduced in 2009 by an anonymous programmer or programmer, Bitcoin has fluctuated unpredictably in the price. After reaching the peak at about $ 1,150 late last year, the price of a change has been extended. In August, the price dropped to an exchange about $300 from almost $500 In July, the European Commission announced that they are trying to impose rules for virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

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He moved after the European Banking Authority, the banks should not buy, hold or sell virtual currency, regulatory authorities develop safeguards.

Chance Instant Play: Practical experience online

splash_pageInstant Play offers players a more sophisticated version of Grand Fortune online casino no download requirement. Members can simply connect to their player accounts directly from the site and get the game immediately. The systematic interface is specifically designed to be smooth and stress free experience playing the first click.

New players can create a new account by registering at each instant play button on the site. Once registration is completed faster, new members can connect, checkout their exclusive welcome bonus and play immediately.

Registered members can see their account information and easy access to the cash register at a premium poker online casino application and make instant deposits to a bank safe methods. What is Instant Play as an attractive option in the game is convenience like free casino games at a time in any Internet browser. With a few clicks, players can indulge in their favorite online slots, table games like blackjack and roulette, video poker, or play popular specialty, Keno.

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Great Fortune Online Casino offers custom players game time casino bonus every time they maximize register. Casino bonuses can be redeemed by the Fund before a deposit is made. New players receive a whopping $ 8000 Welcome Bonus Casino and members are treated to a bonus every day to stay on top of their game. Promotions for players who are willing additional buoyancy stay in the game longer with better opportunities for enter to win big jackpots.

Powered by RTG software industry leader, Grand Fortune Instant Play reader the same high quality graphics and effects, powerful play without lag and the same massive jackpots directly in your browser.

The disadvantages of using credit cards in the casino


Way to make a payment to the online casino must be made by credit card. We also used that it’s actually the method of payment accepted is really on the Internet is why we automatically think that this is the best payment option.

However, the payment card by far not credit the best option is that you establish a casino online payment service. Online casinos offer and a number of very safe and effective methods of payment, since payments by credit card have become problematic and inefficient.

Have you taken lately to alternative payment methods such as Neteller, which has become very popular among casino players online? There are several reasons for this.

In addition to all the disadvantages of paying by credit card at the online casino still happens that this is the most expensive of all. The client and the online casinos have to pay a fee.

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Therefore, it is important to find a good method of online casino payment in order to have a good time.

It is important to understand the reasons for the sudden unpopularity of credit cards in 啤 牌 online casinos: The safety aspects always play a role. It does not matter how much the online casino site is protected, people are not yet agreed on the revelation of private information on the Internet.

In addition, it should be noted that many US citizens play in the current online casinos. Because online casinos are prohibited in the United States, the American credit cards are not accepted in most online casinos and they have to look for alternative payment methods

Real Information About The Online Casinos

15Choosing the right casino games is the first step that you undertake while you decide to play online casinos games. How will you choose the best casino games? There are different methods of doing that. Of course you can do some research and locate some off the best online casino games from Google. Another method is to find an appropriate game be reading articles and other information that are provided online.

Thirdly you can play several casino games in different game portals and decide which the best game is. Finally, you can read the reviews provided in the game portals that you choose to learn which is the best game that they offer? Online Casino site provides information about the several online casinos. This is a great source of information which also provides information about other great sources of online casino.

There is certain essential plug-ins that you need to possess in your computer. The casino games that you play online consist of several animations. It displays colorful game machines online. For downloading them and presenting on the monitor you need to install flash and must have java enabled in your computer. This will help you to download the casino games that are available online and instantly thereafter you can start playing the casino games.

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There is variety of casino/poker online games found online. Some of the common casino games that you will come across are poker games, craps, slot games which are played in slot machines, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and bingo games. Each game is played in a different method. Each game is very interesting and has a strategically winning theory.

As a player one should learn this winning spree in accordance to win the game. If you play without learning this winning spree it is quite impossible to win the game at every point of time. Playing various types of casino games in right manner by just following the tips that are available in this site will help anyone to earn money easily by winning the game.

Online Gambling Sites Are Safe And Secure

Online GamblingThe internet has opened new doors for people to explore a world of virtual reality. From live web chats to video conferences, everything is now possible with the help of the internet. This is whereonline gambling sites take the virtual reality concept to the next level. With the help of some special codes and a beautiful use of technology, several companies have been able to master the art of coding and bringing a casino to your computer Dwlive88 screens.

These firms make it a point to be as real as the actual casinos with a few more impressive features that makes playing online fun. However, the one aspect where these gambling games truly stand out is when you consider the security features. Several people used to doubt the future of such a gaming industry because of the security flaws. However, over the past several years, many changes have been made. You can now only pay via a secure payment mechanism, which means that hacking, and snipping data is out of question. Your card details are safe and the transaction is only completed when the vendor receives the amount.

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Another area where such games have seen a massive improvement is in bot play. A bot is a computer-generated code that is responsible for gameplay. It may be a virtual dealer, another player, or even a slot machine. With the approval of official gambling Casino authorities, these bots cannot be altered to benefit the parent website in any way.

Europacasinos Galore Of Casinos Games

azzThe days most of the people are indulging them in some kind of rejuvenating activities like games. Casinos are immensely very popular around the world and more than millions of players are interested to enjoy the casinos games online. Casino games are played from traditional days but still gaining popular because of advent of online casinos. In the recent years gambling has been a great source of recreation for people, there are plenty of games can be played on casinos which includes with more fun and more over thrills.

Some of the popular choices of casinos game are poker, roulette, bingo, slots, black jack, baccarat, and more games are available in the online casinos. In these days people want to try something new especially with their skill and luck, then casinos is perfect choice to gamble online without hassle.

The increasing popularity of Europa casinos

With increasing competitive world of casinos, the number of casinos online are countless in number but choosing the right one is more important but need to consider some valuable points to have unlimited fun with casinos online without hassle. If you looking for an ideal way to play casinos online then find out your favorite casino games from the europacasino website, start gambling online.

Unlike other casinos Europa casinos offers attractive features like special bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and obviously this is great way to attract numerous players sign up in the website. The legitimacy of the site is important need to consider as important factor.

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This casino website proves and supports good customer service; some casinos are not supportive for the players but Europa casinos take the response immediately whenever the player interested to sign up. Unlike other casinos, Europa casinos opens around the clock so players around the world can get connected at their convenient time without any frustration.

Moreover, when you decide to play casinos online with real money, then need to find the legitimacy and reliability of the casinos. The Game Casino offers the banking options which is convenient and comfort for the players whenever they need to withdrawal of cash. If you think to find best online casinos, then make little search online and check the reviews of the website to know better about it.

The Basics of the Casino Bonus Everyone Should Consider

american-rouletteCasino bonus offers number by the hundreds. This is the result of the increase in the number of Internet based gambling halls and casinos. Of course, just like choosing the right casino to play in people shouldn’t just pick any sort of bonus being offered. The idea here is to choose the right place to play in as well as the right offers to enjoy.

Site Specifics : Before signing up for any casino bonus, be sure that the web site in question will take players in your particular state or country. Take note of legal restrictions that may be in place before signing up. Some web sites are designed for US players only while others are dedicated for Australian companies cater to Australian players, and so forth.

Another thing to check out other than a specific casino bonus is the reputation of the gambling site. No one wants to sign up and only get empty promises in the end. Make sure that a good number of people also play and enjoy the bonuses as well. The web site that has a good and proven track record of paying a casino bonus should be pretty reliable.

Another way to check a site’s reputation as is to find out if their customer support is active and really works. If they list a phone number then call it or they have email support, send an email and see if they ever reply to support inquiries. In case the site owners also offer chat support then customers should test the chat support feature just to find out if it’s a bogus claim or not. The idea here is to establish whether a site will be reliable enough to keep any promises or casino bonus claims they make.

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Another thing that customers should check out is a review of the site and its promotional offers. There are a lot of review sites on the Internet that can recommend gambling sites. Be sure to check if the site in question can follow through with the casino bonus they offered.

Casino Bonus Variants : Note that there are many casino bonus variants offered by gambling sites today. One type of bonus is gained via a casino bonus code. A casino on the Internet will usually give away bonus code for more game Idngoal play money for their real money games. These things work like coupon codes.

Other bonuses can be obtained by trying out a beta version of a game, signing up for an account, or by downloading their software for the first time. Take note however that a casino bonus will usually be available for a limited time only.

When To Start Switching to Online Casinos

Slot machines in casino

Many players who join online casinos site do so for the short term fun it brings. Rarely can many players state that playing online forever is the only way for them to enjoy gambling. Certainly gambling does have its ups and downs but one cannot really make it their bread and butter for life. For those that have been playing for a long time have not really sampled the best of what the web has to offer them.

People who do not look at other offers from other online websites miss out on a lot of opportunities. Every now and then online casinos come up with new offers, new bonus schemes, higher payouts and the such to battle off rival gaming websites. The battle for new customer acquisition has given potential players a whole new variety of choices to choose from. One has simply to search for them.

Unless one has a dedicated email account Skor88 to pull in all internet offers, one has to go about looking for theses attractive offers by asking and searching for them. Many gaming websites have links of various casinos that have the best offers allover the internet. These places called portals, provide the player with a direction of where to go, and what to look for. Some websites offers are so enticing that some even offer a premium bonus for players willing to transfer to their website.

One has to be wary of many bonus claims and offers. The best way to satisfy ones curiosity is to read the terms and conditions of a website. Websites that have unclear terms and conditions or have doubts in their text should be taken a closer look at. The terms should be specific and not in general. If one does happen to find a good and reliable site, one may consider joining up to avail of the offers and bonuses while still in effect.

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Promotions and specials are ways by which casinos compete with one another. These offers always spell good news for potential clients but they should not be taken at face value and researched on to check its validity. Some promotions have a time element to them so it is in the players best interest to make sure that they are availed of on time.

Choosing or switching to another online casino can be fun and add a little more funds in ones pocket. One has to make sure that the casino one switches to has the financial strength to back up its claims.

Compliment of tipping the dealer

PoolPokerMany players know that tipping dealer is one of the best things that a player can do in order to have a great gambling experience. Tipping dealers is an old practice but bears repetition. Many of us understand the physical aspect or financial aspect of tipping. Sometimes players get irritated at tipping them that it shows in ones faces and lets the dealers know what players think.

One of the best ways to tip a dealer is to give them a verbal compliment. This costs nothing but can convey a whole gamut of emotions that any human being would surely appreciate. When people praise someone for their efforts, it is called “paying them a compliment”/. It is called “paying” because it is the act of giving something of value.

Many people think that verbal tipping is useless in places like casinos. People couldn’t be more wrong than that. People are human beings and as such, have the same need as everyone for being recognized for the efforts expended.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, praised, and recognized when a good job is done. Players would be surprised how much a simple sincere compliment can do to get the dealers on one’s side.

There are various ways to show ones appreciation. Using the game of craps as an example, players can add a single dollar on the pass bet line, signifying it as a tip for the dealers if the play wins. As the play progresses, one can simply thank the dealer for their help but add a meaningful phrase such as “I appreciate what you do.I know you all work hard and deserve it.”

Phrases like these instantly boos morale and make the dealers become more sympathetic and even friendlier towards the player.
Players must bear in mind that the game of poker or blackjack is a very stressful game and more pressure is also felt by the dealers. For all intents and purposes, the dealer may even have bigger problems than the players. It never hurts to give a person a good compliment

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Here are some phrases that may be used in verbal complements:
– I appreciate the work you’ve done this round. Thank you. – I know you work hard and deserve it. Thank you. – I’ll try to win some extra cash for you guys next time / next round. – Thanks for being a great dealer. I appreciate it. – That was some fine dealing. You were great!

Verbal tipping lets dealers know that their efforts are appreciated. Players should keep in mind that although gambling is a game or chance, human relations never are.

Many players only tip the dealers when they win. It’s understandable that they don’t want to give away money when they are losing. If this is the case you can still thank them when they leave or give them a compliment while they are dealing. It cost nothing and pays back tremendous dividends. Give it a try next time. Remember that sometimes a kind word can be just as valuable as money.

Casino Cash to Jumpstart Your Gambling Career

poker_short_stack1Casino Online games are popular all over the world from the one-armed bandits in the casino cashof Australia to the high limit poker tables of Las Vegas. There is no doubting that the number of people indulging in online gambling will continue to increase.

Before you can get going, it would be advisable for you to check out the available casino cash. This will not only help you gamble responsibly but also it is important to know the benefits that you can have from online gambling.

Here are some of the available casino cash offered by Casino Online sites. When you have checked them out, it would be good if you would try them out through free casino games.

One popular casino cash offered by online gambling sites is the monthly casino bonus. You could be entitled to avail of a certain amount of cash at the beginning of the month. A number of casinos offer a considerable amount of money as monthly bankroll. This could go a long way as far as your winning chances are concerned.

As part of casino cash they give away, some casinos offer an in-house bonus. If you are a new player, online casinoswould entice you to sign up with their site by offering casino cash known as new online casino bonus. Again, this can give you the advantage particularly during crucial stretches.
In addition, you can likewise avail of free spin bonus.

This may not be given as casino cash but would entitle you to get some free credit or extend your playing time. This is a fair deal because you are not utilizing money from your pocket. Likewise, this is an excellent opportunity for you to experiment with other games. While you are not required to make any deposit, there are times when casinos request that you get your money from the casino itself.

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If you are not ready to invest your cash with the casino yet, the online casino will offer you a no deposit bonus just to try out the games as well as have a feel of the casino. With this casino cash, no collateral or obligation is required yet. You can enjoy the games anytime you want. Once you have decided to join the casino as a member, you would have to setup an online account and then make an initial deposit. By doing so, you will be entitled to play for money and claim any winnings.

Another popular casino cash is the referral bonus. You make money in this program by simply inviting your friend to play on a particular site. Once your friend signs up and makes an initial deposit, you will receive a certain amount as commission. In some casinos, the referral bonus may come in the form of credits or free games.

These are just some of the ways you can earn casino cash from Internet gambling sites. It will do you good if you will take advantage of these opportunities.

Casino Online : Which One Should You Choose?

dealerAdmit the thousands of online casino online over the Internet, it is kind of hard to find the right one that suits your style and needs. If you will only chooseCasino Online in random way, you may end up with the one that can merely satisfy you. But if you try to spend some time researching for the right online casino for you, there’s a big possibility that you will find the one that really suits you perfectly. In looking for your online casino, the succeeding elements should be taken into consideration.

1. Game Collection
When an online casino has a great collection of games that are both interesting and impressive, this does not immediately means that that is the right Casino Online for you. Your personal game preferences must come first before anything else. If you like to jump from one game to another, then an Casino Online with a wide range of game collection suits you. If you like to play only a particular game and none else, then choose the online casino that has the best collection for your favorite game.

2. Bonuses
New players in online casinos are always offered with bonuses which vary from one online casino to another. Bonuses are offered because they serve as a promotional tool for online casinos. Great bonuses can entice new players to sign up in the site making the online casino stand out from the rest. When playing for real money, bonuses should never be taken for granted. Keep in mind that not all games are included in the offered bonuses, therefore make sure that the bonus applies to your favorite games before proceeding further.

3. Safety
This is a big concern in online casinos especially when you are disclosing to them private information about you. But with reputable online casinos, security measures and practices are always observed, therefore there is not much to worry about at all. Majority of the online casinos is employing the most advanced security system over the Internet thus making them the safest site to visit on the web. Security practices are usually displayed on the web page of the online casino and if it doesn’t have any, contact its customer support and inquire about their security practices.

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There are several online casino and gambling forums that you can log onto where you can learn everything about online casinos. Forums like these are very helpful to newbies as well as to advanced players. Comments on the forums can give you some idea about which online casino is excellent and which are fraud.

Things to Look for in Casino Online

poker1Choosing a casino online can be a hassle or can be downright simple – that is, unless one knows what to look for. With the advent of technology, online gambling has become so poular that anyone can gamble anywhere. It could be in an internet cafe, or even on ones pad or mobile.

Here are some things to scope out when searching for a good site to enroll with. Take note that casino Online migth have the same online promotions or gimmicks so it is really up to the player to discern what is real and what is not.

Tip : Look at the payout system. Theres nothing worse than winning a large amount only to have the casino online credit it to your bank account two or three weeks later. The best system is the one that allows the player to receive a payout within 24 hours at the most. Anything longer may be an indication of a bad casino. Check testimonials. They often state if the payouts are on time or not. In the same vein, users should also see if the payout system is accessible by the players so that they can see how much was won. Players can also take note manually of their earnings but it may prove to be a bit tedious.

Tip : Customer support. One thing that many people are used to is calling customer support if anything goes wrong. Good websites should post their contact numbers and have a 24 hour hotline just in case of inquiries or emergencies. Having an email address doesnt hurt but what people look for are instant resolutions on their concerns. Email just doesnt cut it anymore in terms of instant resolution. If the website does have a customer support number to call, does a live person answer it or is it an automated response? If it is an automated response, many people tend to get irritated because it does them no good to leave messages.

They want their queries answered the soonest. If the customer service hotline is indeed connecting to a live person, theat person should have the knowledge of the system and can give a response right there and then ratehr than asking the customer to send an email or leave a voice mail. Players want a person that can answer them, not a secretary.

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Tip : Comps. Most websites have comps to the max when they try to entice new players to sign up with them. The idea of getting free $300 upon sign up is great but the next question would probably be when can they catually use it and can it be cashed out? Some casinos would rather offer gadgets and other forms of free swervices like spa treatments or tours as part of their come ons. Players should look at these comps closely and decide. Some comps may hit it big with some players, some might not. Its all relative.

In the end, choosing an online casino involves a lot of research but it pays off in the end when one has won a large jackpot and cant collect it because the player didnt understand the terms of the site. Be smart and read before jumping on any online casino.

The Success of Virtual Casino

A new success in the casino gambling world has emerge in the industry in the year 1990’s. that it became the word of mouth across the community of gambling. Internet gambling, online gambling, online gambling and cyberspace, whatever you call it.

Today, gamblers frowm all over the world are now playing their favorite casino games in virtual casinos. Such as craps, blackjack, video poker, roulette, slots and among others. Some websites offer over 200 games plus a free software download. Anyone can experience the fun, all you need to have is a computer with a fast Internet connection.

There some available no download casino games such as flash. These games can be easily played without having to download game softwares in your browsers. The graphics of flash casino games are also great and the sound is very pleasant to the ears. Players who have with them a 56k modem must opt to download these casino / poker games.

There are plenty of casino games that you could choose from in online websites. The jackpots are also very high just like in a land based casino. Some players are proof that you can win over a million dollars by just playing in progressive slots.

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Women gamblers most likely to have bingo as their game of choice. Online bingo is cool because of its 3D graphics that allows your virtual character to roam around the virtual bingo hall, to sit and play. Online bingo also have chat rooms where you could interact with other players in the same room. It is an interactive game that allows you to earn money while having fun and making new friends.

Men on the other hand are more comfortable playing dealer games. Some female dealers can be seen through web cam and you can chat with them. They mostly play sicbo, blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Online casino is also great when it comes to playing poker with mulit player. Players have to option to play among other players from every corners of the world. What make it more exciting is that poker players can be qualified to join poker tournaments. Those players who were qualified can play the championships.

There is also a new trend in casino games today. This is called the mobile games. With this, you can play poker, slots or blackjack in your mobile phone or other wireless devices.

Picking an Online Casino Using Payout Percentages

poker-casino-dice-colour-black-size-9370-10141_mediumPlaying your favorite online casino game has become a really favorite pastime. Of course, with the rise in demand for more online sites we now have hundreds of online gambling sites to play on. Of course with the rise of the number of available choices we now have the problem of picking out the right one for each individual player.

There are some notable things you should look for when you’re out looking for a great online casino. Some players even continue to look for even better casinos than the ones they currently signed up for. Things like customer service and the casino’s reputation are indeed really important especially when voicing out your complaints and getting a response from queries.

Another important thing to look for is the payout percentage of an online casino. This is also another big factor when making your choice among dozens of casinos that appeal to you. You can be sure that every online casino will have a different payout percentage.

Unfortunately there are online gamblers who are unaware of the payout percentages and its implications. The payout percentage of an online casino should also be a huge concern. A lot of drive has been put on emphasizing the size of free bonus money that the payout percentage sometimes is neglected.

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The payout percentage is the amount of money that an online casino gives out of all the money it gets. You can also say that this is the amount of money that a casino gives back out of all the money it makes in wagers made. Every online casino will definitely have a different payout percentage than others.

Let’s say that a certain online casino has a 90% payout percentage. This means that out of all the money it receives in the form of wagers lost by players 90% of that total money is given back to players in the form winnings and 10% is kept as its profit. Though this does not tell you how much you can actually win but the bigger the payout percentage the better it is for you.

So where do we find the payout percentage of online casinos? Basically, you’ll find information on payout percentages on online casino review sites. Most of the legitimate online casinos will have a review about them. The only thing you should note is that payout percentages change on a monthly basis so some information may not be current.

A more accurate source of information will be an audit report. Companies like Technical Services Testing and the Online Gaming Association are great sources of information. You can check out audit reports from these organizations and you can be sure they will be more up to date.
Payout percentages are just as important as other factors like customer service. Make it a habit to check out this information when looking for a new online casino to play on.

Gambling Casino dice or a RNG machine

casino2-1Gambling Casino is precisely that: you gamble. You take a risk in exchange of the possibility of multiplying what you have, of owning something for free, and earning bragging rights to boot. From land-based to online casinos, you constantly fight the classic battle of winning versus losing, and who does not love a good challenge?

Whether cards or dice or an RNG machine, who does not love having a good time and making a good buck? For all that, you need prepping. You need to know the rules, learn how to play the table games, machine games, their land-based and Internet Casino game versions, the 101 casino gambling variations. You need to have a plan, build solid casino gambling and betting strategies. Basic strategy, optimal strategy, maximum bets strategy, best bets strategy, house edge vs payouts strategy, and most of all, a smart money management strategy.

You need to be inspired. By words of wisdom from casino books, top scores in practice games on casino software or at home using your own casino supplies, famous casino gamblers who have gone from rags to riches, or just from richer to richest.

With no good grasp of game rules and strategies, there is no way to play casino games of Blackjack, Spanish 21, Three-Card poker, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow poker, or Backgammon. With no good handle on payouts and bonuses, it is no use to play casino games of Slots, Roulette, Craps, Let It Ride poker, Sic Bo, Keno, Casino War, and Progressive Jackpot games.

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Leave no table unturned if you aspire to master casino gambling. Read the casino gambling news, find casino promotions and freebies, casino comps and bonuses. Casino gambling pushes your limits in betting, raising, folding, standing, splitting, doubling down, upping the ante, letting it ride, going to war, making the home board, and hitting that elusive progressive jackpot.

Casino gambling tests your ability to double your stakes in a sticky situation and under pressure. Red or black pocket wagers, big or small bets, circle 1 or circle 2 wagers, pass line or don’t pass line bets…the long list goes on.

If you gamble without knowing the stakes, wager without knowing the odds, you lose. And you always want to win, right?

$101 Million Jackpot Won in Oklahoma!

220px-JoeCadaOne lucky player in Oklahoma matched all 6 numbers Saturday and walked away with the $101.8 million lottery jackpot. The winner will now have to decide to either take the 29-year, 30-installment annuity, or the one time cash “lump sum” amount of $46,276,534.

There were a total of 692,721 additional winners in America’s Game Saturday evening. Those winners won prizes totaling $6,673,716. The numbers drawn were 10, 20, 22, 39, 48 and the Powerball was 25. The Power Play multiplier was 4. Six tickets correctly matched the 5 white numbers and won $200,000. These tickets were sold in Colorado (1), Kentucky (1), Minnesota (1), Pennsylvania (2), and Tennessee (1).

Forty-one tickets matched 4 white numbers plus the Powerball and won $10,000. Seven additional players not only matched 4+1, but also purchased the Power Play option, multiplying their prize by 4 for a total win of $40,000!

A total of 121,678 winning Powerball plays were multiplied by 4 Saturday evening. Winners were able to do so by purchasing the Power Play option for one dollar. With Power Play you can multiply your winnings, except for the jackpot, from 2 to 5 times. At the beginning of each drawing a wheel is spun to select that night’s multiplier.

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Players purchased more than $28.7 million in tickets between Wednesday and Saturday night. The jackpot for Wednesday, June 21st will be $15 million.

The lotteries have sold more than $2.6 billion in Powerball tickets so far in FY06. That translates into more than $750 million for worthwhile state projects.

Powerball Jackpot Continues to Rise

Antonio Esfandiari and Sam TrickettThe Powerball jackpot continues to move upward. No one hit the jackpot Saturday, but 432,497 players across the nation won a total of more than $4.2 million in prizes in America’s favorite Game. Because no one correctly matched all six numbers in Saturday’s drawing the jackpot will grow to an estimated $28 million. The cash option for the Wednesday, June 28th drawing will be an estimated $12.6 million.

The numbers drawn Saturday were 8, 11, 30, 39, 47, and the Powerball was 23. The Power Play multiplier was 3. Three tickets correctly matched the 5 white numbers and won $200,000. These winning tickets were purchased in Louisiana (1), Minnesota (1), and Nebraska (1). One additional ticket in Oklahoma not only matched all 5 white numbers for $200,000, but also had the Power Play option that multiplied the prize 3 times for a total win of $600,000!

Twenty-two tickets matched 4 white numbers plus the Powerball and won $10,000. Two additional winners at that prize level also had the Power Play option multiplying their winnings 3 times for a total of $30,000.

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More than 86,000 winning Powerball players multiplied their prize by 3 Saturday. They were able to do that by purchasing the Power Play option for one dollar. With Power Play you multiply your Powerball winnings by 2-5 times, except for the jackpot. At the beginning of each drawing a wheel is spun to select that night’s multiplier.

Players should carefully check their tickets after every draw. Even if there are no jackpot winners there are always tens of thousands of winners at other prize levels. Players purchased more than $18.5 million in tickets between Wednesday and Saturday night. The lotteries have sold more than $2.7 billion in Powerball tickets so far in fiscal year 2006. That translates into approximately $780 million for worthwhile state projects.

Dynasty G Inc. Will Sponsoring the first World Cup of Mahjong

6356721385520263792511959Dynasty Gaming Inc, a provider of unique gaming software for online casino and sports book operators, today announced that it will jointly create and sponsor the first World Cup of Mahjong tournament during December 2006. Dynasty holds a lead position within the international online gaming sector by virtue of its first- to-market, aggregate play, cash-wager version of Mahjong.

Dynasty’s partner for this first-ever tournament will be the Ho Group, the largest operator of casinos in Macau, off the coast of China, where the event will be held. As part of the joint venture with the Ho Group, Ho Majiang will be the presenting sponsor and Dynasty Gaming will support 50% of the marketing budget for the event. Hong Kong-based Ho Majiang was recently formed to create and promote game playing opportunities through the use of prepaid cards.

The Ho Group and Dynasty Gaming have contracted the United States-based Elevation Group of Companies, sports and entertainment event and marketing specialists, to manage all aspects of the project from event production and promotion activities to television production and distribution.

The click, click of tiles is an integral sound of Mahjong, often referred to as the “game of the four winds” and long recognized as the world’s most played game with an estimated player base in Asia, Europe and North America ten times bigger than that of poker. It is recognized as an official sport in China. The focus of this tournament will be on Mahjong as a sport.

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“Our plan is to nurture this unique game of skill deeply rooted in the Chinese and Asian culture,” commented Angela Ho, President of Ho Majiang. “It is not just a game of skill and strategy; it is a family and social game…to be played with others. We want to use the World Cup of Mahjong to reintroduce the Mahjong game to the world. This event will also bring the new online version of this game, created by Dynasty Gaming, to the forefront of the online gaming world as it allows Mahjong players to compete against others, unlike existing online solitaire versions.”

Albert Barbusci, Chief Executive of Dynasty Gaming, said, “The goal of this event is to be on the scale and production quality of the World Series of Poker held each year in Las Vegas. The World Series of Poker did a tremendous job of expanding and energizing the world poker market. We expect to have broad participation and a projected television audience in the first year alone of millions of viewers.

“This event will play a central role in our strategy for serving the Asian and Chinese markets using subscriptions, prepaid cards and other venues. We are using a long-term strategy to gain awareness and respect within the Asian and Chinese markets and this tournament is one of the foundations of our strategic plan. The announcement of our participation in Ho Majiang and our joint venture with the Ho family in the World Cup coincides nicely with our recent announcement of selling prepaid game cards in China,” stated Barbusci.

Angela Ho said, “The World Cup of Mahjong will give Mahjong game enthusiasts an opportunity to test their skills and expertise at various levels of experience. This is a challenge for men and women, of all ages, coming together in Macau for the first time. We expect it to be a wonderful, exciting world class event.”

Steve Lindecke, Elevation’s managing partner, commented on the new assignment, “Our goal is to create the largest Mahjong event ever held – in terms of participation, sponsorship, television viewership and merchandising. The World Cup will be an annual event supported by regional tournaments throughout Asia, Europe and, eventually North America, the latter under the banner of the World Series of Mahjong. (Dynasty Gaming holds the URLs to both the World Cup and World Series of Mahjong.) We have spent and continue to spend a tremendous amount of time in Asia and have a strong network of local partners and suppliers. We believe the moment is right for an event of this size and scope.”

Dynasty Gaming Inc. is solidifying a two-phased strategy to secure a lead position in the Chinese market and within the international online gaming sector with its first-to-market software for an aggregate player, cash wager version of Mahjong, the world’s most played game. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, the company develops, markets, licenses and supports the Mahjong Mania software. Since marketing began in the second half of 2005, a number of license agreements have been signed including a contract with Ladbrokes, the world’s largest online sports book ( whose site now hosts a customized version of Mahjong Mania. Dynasty has also signed Golden Palace one of the largest on-line casinos operators. Dynasty Gaming’s 77 million common shares, issued and outstanding, are widely held by Canadian and U.S. investors. Full information on Dynasty Gaming can be found at

The Ho Group is principally engaged in gaming and entertainment activities through SJM, a Macau-based company. SJM ranks as one of the world’s largest casino operators. The Group’s range of businesses spans transportation, infrastructure, tourism, media and has interests in all of the most important hotels and casinos in Macau. Shun Tak Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with shipping, real estate and investment interests, is also part of the Ho Group.

The formation of Ho Majiang was recently announced when Montreal-based Dynasty Gaming and the Macau-based Ho Group signed a Letter of Intent for the purpose of promoting Dynasty’s Mahjong software in China. Ho Majiang will be controlled by the Ho Group – widely acknowledged as the world’s largest gaming organization – with Dynasty Gaming as a partner and owner with a 20% equity stake. Ho Majiang plans to become a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Elevation Group of Companies, based in the United States, is a leading event production, sponsorship planning and mobile marketing agency. Elevation is led by several former IMG executives who specialize in autoracing, sports, entertainment and product showcasing. Elevation has nearly two decades of sports and entertainment marketing, activation and event production experience, chiefly working for some of the world’s largest brands and most notable events. Elevation’s business partners and affiliations include Mosaic Media Group, dick clark productions and IMG Artists. More information on The Elevation Group of Companies can be found at

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